Only nature creates masterpieces of unparalleled beauty: colours with infinite variety of shades, and shapes that never repeat, the essence of a living material capable of giving a sense of belonging and completeness to every architecture.


Exclusively Italian stone processed in Italy: we select stone in the best extractive basins of Italy and we process it directly in our laboratory.

Our collection of stone coverings and walls is entirely self-produced and 100% Made in Italy.


The added value of being able to solve every detail in the best way producing special pieces for window intradoses, architraves, pillars, columns, arches and wall copings, which are also custom-made for door sills, window sills, steps to combine with pavings and furnishing accessories so that everything coherently meets into a single overview.

The possibility of creating ad hoc stone walls and coverings for restoration, expansion of existing buildings and to meet specific requests.


Our stones are finished one by one by Stonemasons with chisel and hammer, as it has been done since time immemorial to get the best out of each single piece of stone creating something unique and wonderful and at the same time simplifying installation.

materia e superfici per le architetture d’oggi, di ieri e del domani





specifically the possibility of relying on a complete service from design to execution that will give a unique and quality solution to your ABITARE IN PIETRA (living in stone)

A precious and lasting good: every single stone is a unique piece by virtue of a history that began millions of years ago and that is still in progress, on which we have been given the privilege of being able to erect the future of our living.

Abitare Rivestimenti
Authentic Italian natural stone transformed into an extraordinary range of small thickness coverings for bonding and solid pieces of stone for self-supporting walls: forty evocative models that characterize the excellence of living yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Abitare Pavimenti
A careful selection of natural stones from Italy and from the world for paving outdoor spaces and indoor environments, proposals combined with our coverings and completed with custom-made finish for stairs, door sills, window sills, furnishing accessories, so that everything coherently meets into a single overview.
Accanto alla Pietra

“Nature is not a place to visit. It's our home”

(Gary Snyd)



Come and visit us in the place where stones speak to listen to the “shapes of living” story

Rediscovering the timeless value of craftsmanship associated with contemporary expressive languages, we continue the story on the ways of Abitare in Pietra that architecture writes, a story steeped in culture, ethics and beauty.

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