Authentic Italian natural stone for stone small thickness coverings or stone self-supporting walls.
Over forty ways of living in stone told through five suggestions:

Walls Absolutes

The stone in its purest essence: a continuous surface that enhances the material in its colours and roughness. These models are a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic rusticated coverings historically used in the most representative Italian urban palaces and represent the most current expression of stone for the architecture of today and tomorrow.

Walls Of Tradition

The stone walls according to tradition, using the material available on site: these are stones having an ancient scent cleverly combined with each other and with the addition of pebbles, reclaimed bricks or other materials, as it was done in the past. These coverings summarize the distinctive features of the more traditional ways of building in stone, thus taking the role of archetypes that connote architectures indissolubly linked to their own landscape.

Walls Spontaneous

Rough stone with frank surfaces in all their naturalness. The ashlars are hardly roughed-out and the simple and spontaneous installation creates stone walls with an innate authenticity. These models are well suited to rustic and genuine constructions as well as to bio-architectures in which wood and organic materials coexist, and also to minimal or technological architectures showing their contrasting and distinctive natural character.

Walls Timeless

Stone walls, symbol of the Italian know-how, intrinsically linked to a territory, carry with them all the character and the evocative power of the places of origin. They are the product of a progressive refinement of shapes and combinations in stone in a given context, whose beauty is destined to endure over time and to inspire architectures everywhere.

Walls Romantics

The soft lines of the stones combined to design unique stone walls with a refined aesthetic, associated with a harmonious background that implies a certain complexity of shapes and colours. They are suggestive models, with a high symbolic and emotional burden, ideally proposed in association with idyllic environments or atmospheres from which they derive their name and inspiration.

There are no two identical copies of one of our models.
Each stone covering or wall of the ABITARE RIVESTIMENTI collection is unique as unique is each stone that composes the model, which carries the wonderful and imperfect trait of nature that originated it, the indelible mark of the chisel that has modelled its shapes.
Natural stone is selected in the best quarrying basins in Italy and transported to our laboratory to be worked one by one by Mastri Picca Pietre, preserving its biocompatibility, non-toxicity and recyclability; the stone coverings and walls made will help to improve thermal inertia, soundproofing, fire resistance and protect your homes from the weather without the need for special maintenance over time.

All the models in the ABITARE RIVESTIMENTI collection are applicable both indoors and outdoors, even in the presence of wooden structures or external thermal insulation provided that specific installation methods suitable for the support that must guarantee their load-bearing capacity are evaluated. By bonding back sawn ashlars, stone-coverings with a finished thickness of less than 5 cm are obtained; while by traditional technique with sand and cement bedding of solid ashlars, stone-walls with a finished thickness of at least 15 cm are obtained.

We design and create your exclusive way of living in stone.
In addition to the supply we offer a “turnkey” service with professional and accurate installation able to enhance and make extraordinary any stone covering or wall; we are able to perform processing and special pieces made to measure and vary the composition of our models also ad hoc for specific requests.

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