Terraces, paths in the green, gazebos and isolated environments: creations of human hands achieved modelling stone and elements borrowed from nature, harmonious point of contact between us and our land.
In addition to its service function they convey serenity and romantic impressions to those having the privilege of immersing themselves and relaxing in close contact with the sky and with lawns, flowers and trees.

“By means of the stone it is possible to rediscover our connection with nature and nourish the innate sense of belonging that bounds us to a place, making us feel at home before crossing its threshold.”


Stone in its most natural collocation and in relation with our surroundings. Coverings, pavings, stairs, processed pieces ... it’s stone that dresses our home, that conceals and protects our daily life while showing a glimpse of ourselves, of our way of being and of appearing in the World.


There are stones and marbles originated by water that stayed for thousands of years immersed in conditions of high salinity, in thermal springs between heat and strong mineral components, or in riverbeds under the erosive action of water... these are travertine, alabaster, dolomite, quartzite, some limestones and marbles that are particularly suitable for swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas and SPAS.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It's our home.”

(Gary Snyd)


Warm and cosy, solid and reassuring, sumptuous and impressive or light as paper, in any case always marvellous, high-sounding and with a golden eternity like the millennial matter of which it is composed: stone is a precious element for characterizing the living area of refined architectures; even more valuable when it harmoniously combines interiors and exteriors in a single continuity solution, for example with pavings that extend from the living room to the terraces and then to the outdoor spaces.

“Protecting our private, revealing our being.”


Stone but also bricks, wood and recycled materials to give personality to bedrooms, bathrooms, wellness or recreation rooms but also basement rooms, cellar and more in general to all those environments where people seek intimacy, quiet, privacy. Sensations transmitted through materials with a familiar and sometimes antique feel, with refined surfaces and colours dealing with us and with our private sphere, reflecting personal tastes and passions.


There is stone that embraces the flame and warms the heart and then wood: materials that not only surround the mouth of the fireplace but wrap entire surfaces identifying and connoting the fireplace as an architectural element in itself, the fulcrum of a domestic environment enriched with the material and power of nature.

“Appreciating stone and its imperfections means recognizing the value of authenticity and satisfying the innate aptitude for beauty and natural that belongs to all of us.”


Not only stone for everyday objects and furnishing accessories... an encounter that enriches living spaces. Unique pieces made ad hoc for your home, that are appreciated for their texture, spontaneity and imperfect as unique beauty: they are the best words to use for concluding the story of our living.

Through Stone we give strength to the deep bond that unites us to nature: the world that we feel ours because we know to belong to it. Stone gives completeness and a sense of belonging to even the most contemporary and essential architectures, becoming the spokesman of a new way of designing and building aiming at the naturalization of surfaces and of architecture itself through a wide and innovative use of natural elements that become the protagonists of constructing.

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